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We have two criteria for membership:

  1. Individuals from “tech” companies (self-identified). By focusing on a segment (albeit a broad one), we can build and design with a similar end customer in mind.

  2. No more than three representatives per company. We believe that "everyone's job" quickly becomes "nobody's job." Keeping it limited empowers key members with the relevant information.

Community Values Agreement

As the stewards of diverse and inclusive work environments in our respective companies, we pledge to actively cultivate a safe, respectful and constructive community within the Diversity Advocates group as well. As a part of this group, I agree to engage and abide by the following understandings.

The inherent value of our group lies in the power of the collective knowledge and experiences we all bring to the table from our individual histories and workspaces to solve sensitive, difficult issues in our companies. I agree that abiding by the following values are necessary to maintain a culture that facilitates open and vulnerable discussion to address these issues:

  • We aim to include a diversity of perspectives within our group, while always maintaining the intention to ensure constructive, respectful dialogue.

  • We are collaborating not only with the purpose of strengthening our individual and represented companies’ support for diversity and inclusion, but for collectively strengthening the support for underrepresented groups and allies in the industry.

  • Confidentiality of personal (or institutional) identifiable information of discussions addressed within the group is paramount when discussing related topics externally.

  • Any partial or complete records - including (but not exclusive to) emails or shared documents or recordings - shared with the group during digital or in-person interactions are intended to be exclusively available to group members unless otherwise explicitly stated in writing.

  • We welcome recommendations from all members about different services and products that could add value to each other’s work. If I offer a service or product, I will operate in the spirit of collaboration and not business development so as not to solicit group members as customers and create undue discomfort amongst group members.

I understand that any violation of alignment to the aforementioned values could jeopardize the safety, employment status, reputation, and have other severe repercussions for both myself, any targeted individual company, and the integrity of all individuals and groups represented in Diversity Advocates. Failure to act in accordance to the above community values may result in my and/or others’ immediate expulsion from the group and could impact the future viability of the group, or at least the possibility of a future individual from the represented company from being included.

If you have any questions about Diversity Advocates, please email Cynthia Overton, Ph.D., at cynthia.overton[at]kaporcenter.org.