Our Vision

We imagine a world where tech is a place where everyone belongs and serves the needs of a global community. It doesn’t matter your skin color, origin, age, gender, education, identity, sexual preference, religion, nor abilities—you’re given a level-playing field to succeed and thrive. In this world, there are diverse founders, engineers, designers, and business leaders throughout all companies, and the products we’re building are making a meaningful impact for all types of people across the country and the world. Our hiring, promotion, and pay practices are equitable and we are aware of our biases and work actively to mitigate them. People from all backgrounds join and stay at our companies because they feel they truly belong and are serving the interests of a diverse user base.

We have to start with where we are, and it’s a long road ahead. First, we work to empower diversity leaders and tech employees by practicing empathy, engaging in thoughtful dialogue, challenging assumptions, discussing research, and sharing our stories and resources.

Our extensive resource library helps new advocates ramp up quickly. Once onboarded, Diversity Advocates will leverage our collective credibility to fundamentally shift the foundation, processes and practices of their companies with the support of education, certification, and evaluation measures. We hold ourselves and our industry to higher standards, with strict Codes of Ethics for each other and our companies. Being a part of our community is a signal of an organization’s commitment to advancing diversity and inclusion.

We collaborate with non-profits, researchers, educators, consultants, and others who work to diversify the industry to maintain a pulse on the broader tech ecosystem and continue to grow our knowledge base and network.