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Diversity Advocates™

Diversity Advocates advances inclusion in the tech industry by empowering employees of tech companies with the resources, knowledge and network to do pioneering work. 

Diversity Advocates offers:

  • Tech Employee Q&A Forum, to crowd-source solutions to timely D&I issues
  • News Feed, to keep the community informed of events, resources, and other information to advance diversity
  • Groups, to get targeted support for specific topics or groups of individuals
  • Resource Center, to get D&I resources at your fingertips
  • Events, to identify learning, networking, and sponsorship opportunities
  • Jobs & Opportunities Board, to showcase & identify candidates from underrepresented backgrounds 
  • Marketplace, to learn about consultants, products, and other supports that serve to advance your D&I efforts
  • Networking Events, to develop and strengthen relationships with fellow members

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